Past Events

2013    detailed info for winter / spring 2013 events
1/12-13 Nugent Dance
1/24 Pamela Z
2/10 Grampus / Jeff Boynton
3/3 Merima Kljuco
3/10 The Vinny Golia Sextet
4/7 "Scored" an evening of dance improvisation with live music
4/21 "Sounds like Video" films both new and old for live music performance
4/28 The Eclipse String Quartet
5/19 "Hook-ups and Speed Dating" composers and choreographers on blind collaborative dates
5/31-6/3 Nugent Dance Summer Wave Workshop

5/3 The Robin Cox Ensemble
6/7 The Eclipse String Quartet
7/13 Pianist Andrew Russo with the Robin Cox Ensemble
8/16 Violinist Todd Reynolds with the Robin Cox Ensemble

1/18-19 Violinist/Singer Carla Kihlstedt
2/15-16 Vocalist/Electronic Composer Amy X Neuburg with the Robin Cox Ensemble
4/3 Nugent Dance
4/25-26 Double Bassist Robert Black

1/11-12 Violinist Todd Reynolds and Luke Dubois–Still Life with Mic
1/31-2/1 Nugent Dance and the Robin Cox Ensemble
2/11-12 Keith Johnson and Dancers/Nugent Dance
2/25 The Eclipse String Quartet
4/29 The Robin Cox Ensemble with percussionist Scott Deal
5/18 Jim Connolly and the Gove County String Quartet
11/9-10 The Common Sense Composers Collective/Robin Cox Ensemble
12/6 Unsilent Night

12/21 Unsilent Night with Composer Phil Kline
7/30 THEN AGAIN Dance
7/2 Jim Connolly and the Gove County String Quartet
6/2-6/3 Singer/Electronic Composer Pamela Z
5/21 Bass Clarinetist Michael Lowenstern

10/19 Singer/Composer Eve Beglarian, Pianist Sarah Cahill, and the Robin Cox Ensemble
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